Bad Check Division

Enforcing Bad Check Laws
Bad checks cost Cass County individuals and merchants in our community thousands of dollars each year. The Cass County Prosecutor’s Office is dedicated to enforcing the bad check laws of the State of Missouri through vigorous prosecution of bad checks writers. Our goal is to reduce the number of bad check writers who victimize merchants and individuals in Cass County and to recover restitution for those who have been victimized.

Prosecuting Bad Checks
The service provided by the Cass County Prosecutor’s Office is free to our community. To effectively prosecute bad check offenders and to recover restitution, it is necessary to have the assistance of those receiving checks.

Steps for Accepting a Check
To assist in making sure that the Cass County Prosecutor’s Office can go forward in seeking restitution or prosecution, please follow these steps when accepting a check:
  • Always ask to see the check writer’s driver’s license or photo identification. Compare the photo with the check writer and write the driver’s license number or social security number and/or date of birth on the check you are receiving.
  • Always forward a bad check to this office prior to a check being 60 days old.
  • Compare the address on the photo identification with the information contained on the check. Make sure the check contains the check writer’s current address and personal identifiers.
  • Do not accept checks written on banks outside Missouri
  • Establish a waiting period before you issue a customer refund, making sure that your customer’s check has cleared before refunding any money.
  • Make sure the check is in good condition, with no alterations, erasures, white-out, tape or type-written information.
  • Make sure the person receiving the check also initials the check so that the person who accepts the check can identify the check writer.
  • Never accept a check without proper identification.
  • Never accept a double-endorsed check, which is a check made out to someone else, who then supposedly signs it over to the person who is submitting it now as their payment for purchase.
  • Never accept partial payment on a check.
  • Never accept payroll checks or third party checks.
  • Never accept pre-dated or post-dated checks.
  • Never accept undated or incomplete checks.
  • Never have an agreement to hold the check
  • Require the check writer to sign the check in your presence and compare the signature on the photo identification with the signature on the check.
  • Require the check writer’s date of birth and social security number or driver’s license number.