Tax Information

  1. Bankruptcy Filings & Property Taxes

    Learn about bankruptcy filings and property taxes.

  2. Duplicate Property Tax Receipts

    Get a copy of your tax receipts.

  3. Merchant License

    Obtain a merchant license.

  4. Tax Credit Programs

    See if you qualify for tax credit programs.

  5. Tax Entities & Rates

    Learn about tax rates.

  6. Tax Installment Program

    Sign up now to pay your 2015 Cass County Real Estate and/or Personal Property taxes on a monthly installment basis.

  7. Methods of Payment

    Find out how to pay the Collector's Office.

  8. Nuisance Abatements

    Cass County or one of the county’s municipalities may declare that a property is a public nuisance if the condition of the property may endanger public safety, or is unhealthy or unsafe.