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  Michael J. Vinck
Cass County Clerk
102 E. Wall Street
Harrisonville, MO 64701
Office 816-380-8102
Fax 816-380-8101
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*Election  Administration

          *Administer Elections  for  all  Political  Subdivisions

          *Candidate  Filing  &  Ballot  Issues

          *Absentee  Voting

          *Train  Election  Judges / Poll Workers

          *Campaign  Disclosure

          *Certify  Election  Results

 * Voter  Registration

 * Clerk  of  the  County  Commission

 * County  Commission  Minutes,  Ordinances,  Resolutions  &  Orders

 * Custodian  of  Records

 * Certify  Assessed  Valuations  to  all  Political  Subdivisions

 * Certify  Tax  Levies  to  the  Collector  of  Revenue

 * Railroad  &  Utility  Tax  Bills

 * Annual  School  Report

 * School  Money  Distribution  Report

 * Secretary  to  the  Board  of  Equalization

 * Issue  Notary  Public  Commissions

 * Issue  County  Auctioneer's  &  Liquor  License


Welcome to Cass County 102 E Wall Street Harrisonville, Missouri 64701