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Refer to RSMo Chapter 451 for Statutes regarding marriage licenses

As of August 28, 2007 pursuant to State Statute there is no longer a three (3) day waiting period to obtain your marriage license.

The marriage department is located in the Historical Courthouse on the Square at 102 East Wall Street, Harrisonville, Missouri 64701. Enter the north door, first office on the right.

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Please arrive no later than 4:00 p.m. so we can process your application prior to closing time.

You may purchase your license in any county in the State of Missouri.  If you purchase your license in this state, you must get married in this state.

Fee of $51.00 “cash only” is to be paid at the time of application.

Your Marriage license must be used within 30 days or it is no longer valid and cannot be used.  

The person performing the ceremony has 15 days to return the license to the Recorder of Deeds. RSMo 451.130 2.

If you should decide not to go through with the ceremony you will still need to return the unused license to the Recorder of Deeds in the envelope provided. We do not give refunds for marriage licenses. 

In order to change your name on your driver’s license and social security card, you may purchase a certified copy of your marriage license which can be purchased at the time of application. The fee for a certified copy is $9.00. 

When we return the original license, we will also send your certified copy after processing and recordation of the license is completed.

Every applicant needs to be prepared to present proper identification.

The law requires the recorder to verify the applicant’s identity, age and social security number.

  • All parties must appear together at the Recorders office.

  • All parties must have identification showing their age. Driver’s license is acceptable if you are 18 years of age or over.

  • Age requirements:  15 to 18 must be accompanied by a custodial parent. RSMo 451.090 1. Acceptable identification for applicants would be a birth certificate and valid driver’s license. The person giving consent to the marriage should be one of the persons named on the birth certificate.  Custodial parents are also required to have proper identification and documentation that they are in fact the custodial parent. RSMo 451.090 3.

  • Under fifteen years of age requires a court order. RSMo 451.090 1.    

  • Social security number is required. If you have lost your social security card, a check stub or other identification which includes your SSN will be acceptable. RSMo 451.040 2.

  • Blood tests are not required.

  • If either of the applicants have been married before we will need the date your last marriage ended. If your divorce is final, check with your attorney to see if there is a waiting period before applying for your marriage license.  The recorders office does not have any requirements regarding waiting periods.

Social Security name change: Call 1-800-772-1213 to get a new social security card. You will need a certified copy of your marriage license.

451.100 Explains who can marry you in the State of Missouri:

Marriages may be solemnized by any clergyman, either active or retired, who is in good standing with any church or synagogue in this state. Marriages may also be solemnized, without compensation, by any judge, including a municipal judge. Marriages may also be solemnized by a religious society, religious institution, or religious organization of this state, according to the regulations and customs of the society, institution or organization, when either party to the marriage to be solemnized is a member of such society, institution or organization.

Any one of the following forms of identity are acceptable and must not be expired:

  • Valid driver’s license  

  • Missouri identification card

  • Military identification    

  • Certified copy of  United States Birth Certificate or government identification card

            (if your age is not in any of the above documents.)

What if you are not a U.S. citizen?

Valid U.S. government documentation must be provided such as:                                          

  • Valid passport                                                                                                 

  • Driver’s license (U.S) Not expired

  • United States passport with visa or U.S. entry stamp

  • Birth Certificate    

All documents presented for identification purposes must be valid United States government issued with a properly acknowledged English translation.

RSMo 451.022 3. No recorder shall issue a marriage license, except to a man and a woman Blood Relatives may not marry under the laws of the State of Missouri


Marriage License Clerk: Joyce Hogue 380-8121

Revised June 2009

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