911 Addressing

Cass County Emergency Services
On April 2, 2012, the voters of Cass County passed the 911 Sales Tax and revoked the 911 Surcharge on landline phones. Oversight of the 911 Sales Tax is by the Cass County Emergency Services Board. Please visit the new Cass County Emergency Services Board website for more information.
Cass County Emergency Notification system is a free service provided by the Cass County Emergency Services Board through Everbridge. This service alerts our citizens of severe weather events, environmental or man-made disasters, search and rescue operations, and major crime incidents in their immediate area. Citizens will be notified of such emergencies via a recorded message on their landline, wireless phone, text message, or emails. The messages will only be sent by an authorized 9-1-1 Dispatcher. We recommend all citizens enroll individually to ensure notifications are received on each device correctly. For example, a family of four will create four accounts, one for each member that wants to receive notifications.