Child Support Division

IV-D Program
The child support enforcement program in Missouri is frequently referred to as the IV-D program as it originates from Title IVD of the Social Security Act. There are two main agencies that handle child support in Missouri: the Family Support Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services (FSD) and County Prosecutors’ Offices across the state.

Child Support Cases
FSD is the agency that initially handles all the cases. If they can adequately resolve the matter the case remains with that agency. If they cannot adequately resolve the issue they refer the case to the appropriate Prosecuting Attorney's Office. (Note: To open a child support case, contact FSD at 1-866-313-9960. The County Prosecuting Attorney does not have authority to act until FSD makes a case referral.

Who We Represent
You should be aware that the Cass County Prosecutor’s Office represents the State of Missouri and that we are not your attorney.  By pursuing the case, our client is the State of Missouri, whose interests may not always coincide with your desires.  It is a statutory requirement given to us by the State of Missouri.   

Paternity Actions
Once a paternity action is referred to the Cass County Prosecutor, a Petition for Declaration of Paternity is filed with the court. Genetic testing of the parties is performed to determine if the named party is the father of the child. If the results of the genetic testing establishes that an alleged father has a probability of being the Father then a hearing is held to obtain a Judgment/Court Order establishing paternity and an attempt will be made to establish a child support and medical support order for the support of the child. The amount of time required to establish paternity can vary depending on several factors.

Visitation & Custody
The Cass County Prosecutor's Office does not have the authority to litigate visitation or custody issues. You need to seek the representation of a private attorney if you have these issues.  If you feel the custodial parent has denied you your visitation rights and you want to stop paying your child support, you still are under a duty to pay your court ordered child support until the court modifies that ordered amount. If you have any questions regarding custody, visitation or modification of your child support order, you need to seek the representation of a private attorney.