County Clerk/Election Authority

Mission Statement

The clerk’s office main goal is serving the fine citizens of Cass County in an efficient, effective and proper manner.  Striving for a cordial working relationship with the citizen, co-workers and other office holders and entities.

County Clerk's Office Services

Maintain complete and accurate records of the County Commission as       provided 
Collect fees and issue licenses (liquor, auctioneer, & wrecking/towing)
Swear in notaries approved by the Secretary of State’s Office
Notarize documents 
Perform secretarial duties for the Board of Equalization (BOE)
Formulate and settle appeals, value changes, and agreements
Manage and maintain records center
Work with Collector's office in billing of railroad & utility companies in Cass County
Oversee finalization of levy certification from the State Auditor's Office

Election Authority Duties

* Accepting the filings of candidates for County offices and some political   subdivisions
* Publishing the legal notice of election and computing election costs.
* Processing all voter registration forms 
* Locating polling locations
* Establishing precinct boundaries
* Appointing and training of all election judges
* Maintain a computerized voter registration data base including but not limited      to cancellations, change of address, registrations, deceased and those                convicted of felonies

The staff of the Cass County Clerk’s office is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standard while providing helpful and friendly service to all.

Thank You
Jeff Fletcher