Monthly Payment Program

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Sign up now to pay your Cass County Real Estate and/or Personal Property taxes on a monthly installment basis.

Payment Plan

Your payments will be based on the amount you paid for the previous year’s Real Estate and/or Personal Property taxes. There will be 10 equal installments, with the 11th and final installment being the balance of the tax due. Taxes not paid in full by December 31st will result in late penalties and fees being charged which will be the responsibility of the taxpayer; and, the payment plan may be terminated

Automated Payments

We only accept automated payment from your bank account. If you are planning to sign up for the automated Tax Installment Program, please contact our office to receive an Automated Payment Service Authorization and Agreement form or download and print the form (PDF). You will need to fill it out, sign and mail to:

Chris Molendorp, Collector
2725 Cantrell Road
Harrisonville, MO 64701

Please read the monthly Installment Program fact sheet (PDF) for additional information regarding the automated payment process.

Eligible Taxes

Real Estate and Personal Property taxes are eligible for monthly installment payments. Payment plans will be set up for each individual parcel of land owned and on each Personal Property account. Delinquent tax accounts are not eligible for the payment plan. All taxes must be paid current before enrolling in a payment plan. 

Ineligible Accounts 

Real estate accounts paid through escrow with a mortgage company or related servicing company, are ineligible.