The Harrisonville Community Garden, located at the corner of Wirt and Pearl Street, began as a partnership between the Cass County Health Department and the Cass County Historical Society, but it wouldn’t be possible without the support of community partners like the City of Harrisonville, the Cass County Master Gardeners, the Cass County Public Library, Harrisonville Schools, and Cass Regional Medical Center.

Through a collaborative effort with our community partners, space was created for community members to:

  • Use their hands to grow healthy, nutritious food
  • Get involved in the greater community
  • Beautify a vacant lot, together
  • Learn through the experience of gardening
  • Give back to those in need
  • Draw upon the rich agricultural history and pioneering spirit of Cass County.

The garden consists of 34 raised garden beds, 8’x5’ across and 9 inches deep.  Raised beds are pre-filled with quality topsoil and conditioned with compost every other season.  Water is provided and access is available on site.

2021 Season Update

In early 2021, the sale of the lots where the Harrisonville Community Garden is currently located was finalized.  Fortunately, the new owner did not have immediate plans for the land and the space can still be used for the 2021 season.  However, we will not be renting out raised beds to the public this year.  A local 4H group was given permission to use up to 20 beds this season for their program activities while plans are made for moving the garden next year.

We are currently working with the City of Harrisonville to secure a new location and look forward to our continued partnership with the Cass County Historical Society.