New/Existing Food Establishments

Food establishment applications are required when:

  • Constructing a new food establishment including food trucks and pushcarts
  • Converting an existing structure for use as a food establishment
  • Remodeling an existing food establishment
  • Change of ownership takes place

The food establishment application process begins with filling out the application. After completing the application, you can submit it directly to the environmental supervisor by clicking here or you can print out the completed application and submit it at our office located at 1411 S. Commercial Street, Harrisonville.

Food establishment applications require a $300 fee which is due at the time of submission. Please allow at least 14 days for processing.

Applicants must contact the Cass County Health Department to schedule a pre-opening inspection before the establishment can open. Pre-opening inspections should take place approximately 5 days before opening for business but should be scheduled with the environmental supervisor at least 2 weeks in advance when possible. After the pre-opening inspection is completed and no violations are present, a permit will be issued and the establishment will be allowed to open for business. Permit priority levels are calculated during the plan review process and ultimately determine the cost of your permit. Permit prices range from $200 to $400 depending on the level of risk assigned to your establishment.

  1. Food Establishment Application
  2. Mobile Food Vendor

Food Establishment Application ($300)

Change of Ownership/Menu Application ($150)

Pre-Opening Inspection Checklist 

Food establishment application fees are due at the time of submission. This fee does not cover the cost of the permit and must be paid in addition to the permit fees. Food establishment application and permit fees can be paid at the same time with prior approval from the environmental supervisor.