Bob's Bio

Bob Huston
Bob Huston was first elected as Presiding Commissioner in 2018. Prior to that he served as the elected Cass County Assessor for eleven years.

Bob has spent most his life serving people, even at a very young age. From becoming an Eagle Scout to being a member of several civic organizations, Bob has a heart for serving, and a willingness to build relationships.

Bob has worked for several large companies as well as some small, family-run businesses. Those experiences have taught him the skills he needs to manage county operations in an effective and efficient way.

Bob strongly believes that the commission is elected to serve the residents of the county. He is a fiscal conservative, watching over taxpayer dollars to make sure each expenditure adds value to the county. Bob believes in an open-door policy so that citizens can weigh in on important issues.

Bob and his wife Jodie have been married over 28 years and, along with their two daughters, are livelong residents of Cass County.