Why was my document rejected?
Recorders duties include recording real estate documents that meet the statutory requirements of the law. If your document was not properly prepared, it may have been rejected back to the submitter which in turn might delay the recording of your document however, we make every effort to record as we are aware that timeliness is extremely important.

Usually documents are rejected due to:
  • Incorrect fee (refer to the fee schedule),
  • First page designations (see document requirements) (click here for a cover page if needed))
  • Incorrect margins (3” at the top of the first page, ¾” all other pages) essential information cannot be in any of the margins
  • All signatures on a document must have the names typed or printed underneath and be acknowledged
  • Documents affecting real property must contain a proper legal description
  • Any transfer of interest in real property must contain the grantees mailing address
  • All documents must be legible for reproduction and certification
  • Multiple book / page references require an additional $5 fee beyond the first reference

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