Office Responsibilities
  • Manage County Checking Account:
    • Cash accounting for 57 different county funds
    • Disburse and reconcile all county checks
    • Reconcile all funds and entire checking account on monthly basis
    • Receipt all money received by county (excluding property tax, which is receipted by the Collector)
  • Invest monies not needed for day to day operations of the county 
  • Inform Commissioners of county's financial status on a regular basis
  • Administrate payroll for the county's 250 employees
Stake Your Claim
According to records at the Missouri State Treasurer's Office, there is over 1 million dollars of unclaimed property being held by the state that actually belongs to citizens in Cass County!  This unclaimed property could be anything from an insurance refund check that was lost to a rental damage deposit that was never returned.  In order to find out if you have unclaimed property being held by the State Treasurer's Office, just click on the following link.  
Click here to search unclaimed property.